How to make the edges look right when laying boat carpet?

We have begun to put down new carpet on our bass boat. We found an article on the web that explains how to do it.
But when we put the carpet on the front of the boat, the edges do not look right, there is no crease to push it down into. We havent glued it yet, but just layed it on there and dont know what to do with the edges. Is there any kind of stripping to put around the edges or what can do to hide the frayed edges?
Thanks for any information


What is the trim feature used for on a boat?

depending on the type carpet you use, it might require a spray adhesive for the edges to remain intact and not fray which can be found at wally world. all cuts must be precise and the carpet must be glued well. i just finished a 1988 stratos boat and it looks great. good luck with the carpet and boating!
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