What is stray current corrosion, and how do you prevent it?

What is stray current corrosion and how do you prevent it from happening to your boat? I have heard of zinc anodes, isolation transformers and galvanic isolation. What do you recomend and why?


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Stay current is always present as long as the battery is connected, the current is passing through the entire metal structure of the engine and running gear. Formally know as electrolysis. Zinc anodes work very well. the are eaten away by the electrolysis rather than your engine and running gear..Isolation transformers also work, not allowing the current to flow to metal parts. These items are cheap in comparison to the damage that can be done with out them.

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Marinas or places with a lot of electic current being leaked into the water are the wosrt for electrolisis, If your boat is permanently moored in these places it is recomended that you protect your boat at a minimum with sacrificial anodes at least on your shafts props / Stern drive and hull. Out boards generally he anodes inbult that are replacable.

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After 12 months in the water the condition of your anodes should tell you if you should take other measures to protect your boat.

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If your boat is trailerable and is not left in the water it will be fine

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If you have an outboard motor or an in/outboard, your motor or out drive will already be equipped with anodes that do this. Most motors, in and out have had them on the motor or outdrive for the last 20 years, with the exception of some of the smaller ones that normally aren't in the water all the time. If you have an older boat with a direct drive you may need to add an aftermarked anode.

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outboards have sacrificial zinc anodes built on them, you may also buy a chunk of "ZINC" ( they shape them like a fish, why, I don't know), and connect it to the railing of your boat, and toss it over the side, the "Zinc" will attract the stray current in the water, away from the boat. You take it in when under way.

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all good answers. also check in to Mercury's Mercathode sysem. it's more deliberate than anodes.
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