Ship Wreck?

Just my chuffing luck, went tot he beach today to loot that ship wreck. I opened a container and 30 bleeding assylum seekers fell out!


What do the colours of the rockets mean when firring of ships?

Finders keepers mate,they are your responsibility now,better clear out the spare room.

What are the names of the positions in the crew of a ship or a sailboat?

That's what happens, surprises aren't always good. I also think there will be repercussions and there is photography going on there, sorry you missed out. With terrorism in the UK there will always be someone watching you. Console yourself with the knowledge you won't be going to prison.

Is there a method in towing a pontoon boat with the cover on it without damaging it?

Very funny.That appealed to my sense of humour.
Was it that red ship that collided with the blue ship that left them marooned?

Mercury Verado vs Yamaha 4 Stroke?

Roll them in the oil then may as well make some use of the little scroungers.

i have surface cracks on my bath would it be a big job to gelcoat the bottom of bath?

bad luck on not getting any thing of value.

what is an aft anchor?


What is the best paint or varnish to put on a wooded boat?

It's your respnsibility to report it, otherwise finders keepers!....If no one claims them within a month then they are yours to keep forever!

im looking at getting a hains 213c with a 6 cyl crisler and a volvo penta leg?

What will you do with them?

What is the best brand of marine batteries?

The container should have been a lot liter then.

can anyone give info on the hobblers that worked in north devon ports?

Shame man.
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