Help! Does anyone here live on a boat?

I really want to live on a boat here in the UK but have no idea what's involved and would like to hear some advice if you have any!

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My idea is to renovate and modify an old fishing trawler, as opposed to a sailing boat or (super) yacht. There are plenty in my area that are going very cheap as the industry has all but died.

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So what would be involved in getting my boat A) adequate to live in, and B) slogging through all the beaurocracy that is no doubt involved- is there a ridiculous amount?

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Maybe if it isn't too much work I'd like to operate the boat here and there as a fishing charter too, just to earn some cash; but only on a casual, when-I-felt like it basis.

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Totally depends on state of boat you're going to buy. I would advise that you get a survey conducted. Especially if you're going to buy a wooden boat.
Living on board?
There's no beaurocracy involved. Though local authorities in the UK would like to have people believe that you need their permission. YOU DON'T.
You don't need anyone's permission to live on your boat.
I live on my boat.
You don't pay council tax; you pay harbour dues - and only if you are afloat.
What you will have to do is find a marina or boat yard who are ok with liveaboards. Sadly, many refuse to host liveaboard sailors because their insurance policy won't cover it. Many other marinas and boat yards encourage living aboard because security is increased as a result.
Good luck

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Get a copy of the Liveaboard Report; I think you'll find it very helpful:

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I once renovated a trawler to a live to live on it took a lot of work but was worth it in my point of view. first you need a permanent mooring place then get your vessel then you will have to get a minimum of third party insurance in case it breaks away from the moorings and damages another vessel or property but i would suggest that you get fully comp insurance instead and point out that the vessel Will not be going to sea it will be used as a house bout until the renovations are done. If you take parties out for charter you will have to bring thee vessel up to another level as it would have to pass a safety certificate this will not apply if it is for Private use only

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We have lived on a boat summers and cruised extensively on the Great Lakes and Chesapeake. You need to see how little in supplies you can get down to. Your meals need different planning. Where will you get mail? what do you need each day? How much space do you need? What exercise off the boat do you need? What to do on a rainy day? Our answer was laundry. .And many more questions that come up as you work through the change.

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a friend of mine lived on his boat in a marina for 2 years, there was no problem, all he paid was the marina fee, no council tax, or other bills, (electricity from the marina of course). I don't think its a problem, go for it.
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