Can someone tell me what an air draught is on a yacht please?


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Air draught is the term used to describe the distance from the top of a vessels highest point to the waterline of that vessel.
Ship captains should know the height of their highest antennae on the ships' superstructure, for example and Yacht Skippers need to know the height from the tip of their VHF radio aerial on the mast to the yachts waterline.
This knowledge is essential and as basic a requirement for navigation as knowing the vessels draught (how deep the vessels keel is).
When navigating under a bridge, Skippers consult several sources of information in order to determine whether or not their vessel can safely pass under the structure at a given time of day.
Basically, one looks at the chart or an Almanac to find out how high the bridge is above a predetermined height known as HAT (highest astronomical tide).
One then determines the current (or intended time's) actual height of tide, adds that height to the known air draught of one's vessel, then works out whether there is enough clearance or not by comparing that figure to the HAT height and the height of the structure above HAT.
Until recently, this height of the structure (bridge) above the sea / river used to be taken from the MHWS (mean high water springs) of the relevant area and was a useful guide.
However, MHWS is only the average of highest tide states recorded over a period of time. Working from this average could actually cause a vessel to become stuck under a bridge even if the skipper worked everything out perfectly!
Prudent ship captains and Yacht skippers will take HAT (highest astronomical tide) as the level from which to begin their calculations for air draught. HAT is the level of the highest ever recorded tide for the relevant area.
A skipper would have to research this for himself until recently, but thankfully now modern chart publications are stating HAT instead of MHWS. Some almanacs this year for the UK and NW Europe are all using HAT and as of next year this will be a compulsory inclusion in nautical almanacs.

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Air draught is the highest point of the vessel's structure above the waterline. Depends on the Yacht and on the load.. A 62' Phantom Fairline is 50' at the flybridge... put 20 people and a full load of fuel..might drop to 49'.. including the Beer...

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Air Draught is distance from highest point on a boat/ship/yacht to the waterline of that vessel.
I answered this question for someone else yesterday - same person Geoff answered - and I am dismayed to find that I too received a thumbs down for my answer.
This IS the correct answer. I agreed with Geoff totally, still do, his response is very thorough and absolutely right.
I want to know who the PRAT is who thinks otherwise, because he / she could actually be putting people in danger!
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