I would like to swop my flat for a houseboat, are there any websites i can look at?


I would like to know something about ROOKIE BOATS OF MISSISSIPPI. PLEASE ADVISE?

I wish you well, but doubt you will be successful for several reasons.

two stroke mix 100 - 1 check my figures ?

1 - finding a reliable buyer for a flat can be difficult
2 - Finding a houseboat with a residential mooring is VERY difficult
3 - Combining 1 & 2 really narrows your market to one or 2 choices in the UK. What is the chance of you getting what you want from that deal ?
4 - Houseboats with a residential mooring have a large waiting list and you cannot inherit a mooring unless you buy the boat from the mooring owner. This means even if you did a "swap" you would have to pay the mooring owner 6% of the houseboat value just to keep the mooring

I'm looking for a WW2 Polish Merchant ship SS Tobruk British Registered?

I would treat them as sepereate transactions.

Hi has anyone built a selway fisher, 12ft 6in motor canoe ?.?

If the houseboat is in a city, particularly London, you will pay more than the price of a flat for it.

If I wanted to live on a sail boat, how large would the ship need to be?

Try looking in CanalBoat or WaterWays World Magazines - they have lots of classified and you can then see what you'll be up against....and thats just buying, let alone looking for a swap.

How can I get a beached houseboat into the water without waiting for lake to rise?

If you've not owned an inland waterways boat before make sure you identify all the costs - there are many q&a about this subject on this site.

where was the inventer of computer from?

here's a link to them on ebay motors

Which is better? Johnson, Mercury or Evinrude?

the flat for houseboat swap website.

price of a trolling motor?

Buy "Canal & Riverboat" there are usually swops advertised.

Boat Licence in NSW?

look for houseboats for sale find a nice one the same price as your flat and make the offer, I think your flat will sell quicker than a houseboat.
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