I have a 1999 Capri Bayliner Boat, how would I list it so that I could sell it fast. I live in California.?

I am going to try to sell my Bayliner Capri cuttycabin boat. I have had it for 3 years and have only used it a handful of times because my husband was hurt and we can't go on it anymore due to his disabilities. So we need to sell it we tried the boat trader but didn't have any luck. The boat is beautiful and works great. We have serviced it and kept it up, but we can't go out in it because of the ride [my husband had a back injury with surgery] So where is a great place to sell this boat? I live in the Riverside/San Bernardino Area.


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Email the description and pictures of the boat to rondall41@yahoo.com. I am looking for a boat and I am in the same area as you are. Please include all prices and terms for the sale.

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not to be rude, but if it's a bayliner, the best way to get rid of it is with a chainsaw.

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Try posting it on Craigslist.com.

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See link below it's free to post and lots of people shop here. Good luck...

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also look at some RV sites. many are free and have boats listed too.

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Try "Craigslist", due to the fact that it's a "Bayliner", it's re-sale value will be very low, thats an unfortunate fact about "Bayliners".
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