150 1989 black maxx carbs been clean been timed stills stalls when taking off getting gas?


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Does it a kinda mush and stall with blue smoke? Or is it a loud sputter almost popping sound and then stall?

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I suspect your carb idle screw adjustment is too lean. That will kill the engine when you hammer it.

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Too rich will normally sputter and hesitate but will generally, finally, come up to speed.

Is thare an outbord alternater?

well something's wrong, because that motor should take off like dynamite. check compression? leak-down test? maybe one coil faulty? reeds?

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I don't know allot about that particular engine, but I'm certain it has more than one carb. Having those carbs in sync is a real big deal. It would most likely require a pro to set properly. Some 150's that are 6 cyl.'s have 6 carbs and some have 3. I'm sure you've done the usual stuff (plugs, etc). Also check fuel pressure, filter, etc. Outboards can be very selfish at times!
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