What kind of paint should i use to paint a iron keel on a fin keel boat?


What is a keel boat?

I think I'd go with antifouling paint, if the vessel will not be trailered in-and-out every day. Try www.yachtpaint.com for starters.

An old song about life on a whaling ship included these lyrics "clear away the running gear and blow ye winds

Calcium Plumbate..

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you permanent paint colours, by deer company , they are best ,

How does a on board battery charger work?

or go on google search for it ,

If you lived in Devon near the capsized boat, would you....?

or go to a stationery shop ask ask em ..

can you give an idea of how does a ship moves?

Watercolours ?
ask marcus at myspace.com/catamarine he will know.

spiders on board?

Go to a chandlers, they will advise you

how to obtain information on how to charter and skipper my own boat in the Caribbeans?

I hope this helps you, go to the link below.

Does anyone know much about Tahoe Deck Boats?

Red oxide

Boat Trailer Info Needed?

I would suggest you use a hi-build epoxy made for marine use and then you can coat it with the same bottom paint you use on the rest of the bottom. Hempels Coatings makes it and also

glassmaster boats?

use wall paint. there all the all the same

what are boat fiddles?

Most any anti-fouling bottom paint will work. Check at the chandlery for recommendations and surface prep. Are you sure you mean an "iron" keel?

who sings this... it was me on that boat. you couldnt see me. flashlights...?

apoxi paint
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