Reason for Suzuki DF200 outboard engine temperature alarm?

I was flushing out my engine (200 Suzuki DF200 4-stroke) with those earmuff fresh water flushers and after about 2-3 minutes I noticed that there wasn't any water coming out of the pee indicator nozzle. So I shut off the engine and checked the earmuffs- no debris clogging it, not sure why it wasn't working. But anyway, after repositioning it, I restarted the engine and this time saw water coming out the pee indicator, so I thought all was well. But after running for about 1 minute, the engine started revving up and then idling down several times, and then just stalled out. The temperature alarm was lit on the dashboard. I tried restarting the engine and the same thing happened.

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Did I mess up my engine by running it without water for those 2-3 minutes? What do I need to fix in that event?


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There is a good chance that when you ran it the first time even though you had the muffs on they were not aligned and water did not get to the engine. By running it for even 30 seconds you can destroy the water pump impeller. At the very least you now have to do a water pump. If you caught it quick enough you may have escaped any other damage. Good luck.

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Remove and clean your thermostat and clean poppet valve. More than likely they have been clogged with the debree from the flush. You should be fine but it might be a good time to replace the impeller. Time will tell.

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If it's not seized up or blowing water out from under the engine heads, than I doubt it's damaged. You either have an obstruction you can't readily see, an impeller problem(As mentioned by Mark T) or too low water flow into the engine. Check it out very likely one of the 3.

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Hope this helps!

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all great answers. pull the lower unit and check/change the impeller. the engine is ok if you stopped it when you say.

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sounds like a waterpump problem, the alarm u heard was a safety mechanism to tell u something aint right. theres multiple reasons why the alarm might sound, but im sure it was an over-heating problem, if u hear that sound u should turn the motor off. invest in a temperature gun, so u can check how hot your motor is running. make sure u have the right amount of water pressure, and that the muffs are centered correctly. sometimes the engine muffs slips, or its old and dont hold well, gotta pay attention to it. hope this helps, good luck!
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