What is the fuel mix raio on a 4.5 hp evenrude ?


When a boat is registered under the "full British ship's registry" in England, why do they quote 64/64 shares

most 2 stroke motors are 50 2 1 if you put to much oil it will make alot of smoke and may foul the plug but will not hurt anything if you dont put enough it can ruin the motor i would try the 50 2 1 or call an evenrude dealer

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50:1 (add 3-oz. of 2-stroke outboard oil, to every gallon of gasoline)

How do you put a big sailboat in and out of the water. Like maybe a sixty foot yacht. I saw some?

50:1, to much oil lots of smoke (unless rings are bad), fouled plugs, and can cause rough idle, as well as rough running also
To little oil and the engine will not get enough lubrication, and you know what that causes.unless you are not aware of what could happen.motor could cease up, throw a piston threw the power head, etc.
They make a nice plastic device that will help you measure the oil to gas ratio, try Cabela's http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templa...
or BPS ( Bass Pro Shops ) http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/stores...

What is marine vinyl ester resin, does it dry hard, can it be sanded and painted?

If it's a new engine 25:1 for the first tank of gas and then 50:1 after that.

How can I find boat moorage when nobody is listing it for sale or rent and not responding to wanted ads?

Back in those days they used higher amounts of oil -- about 30 to 1 . Nowadays with modern synthetic oils they are using about 50 to 1.
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