What does it roughly cost per year to maintain a 20 foot speed boat (not including boat payment)?

Total cost should include boat slip rental, maintenance and repair (not actual boat payment though)


how can i strip all the old paint off my outboard engine i tried a heat gun but wont come off?

marinas usually charge by the foot, and the cost per foot is a local thing. Around these here parts, $16/foot might be a good starting number. That usually includes either cost of haul out, or cost of re-launch. That also means that cost of haul-out would be extra and probably run around $400 or so.

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Gasoline outboard engine - 4 cylinder bigguns are not cheap to buy and not terribly cheap to maintain. On average, if you pay somebody else to do the maintenance, the annual cost should be around $150-200. For real motor repairs, it's expensive and you should always have around $1,000 set aside for wrecked props and similar incidentals.

i gt a selva 9.9engine r they any good and can you gt parts easy?

Last but not least, there is boat insurance. Yes you will want this if your boat is worth any money. I am going to guess that boat insurance will run you around $150/year. Check your local DMV to see how much it costs to register the boat, because that will be another recurring cost.

Does anybody know of a place to dump a broken down boat? Boat Junk yard? Must be in phx, az.?

Your first answer here from Mortgage King is a good answer. A boat is defined as a hole in the water that you keep filling with money.

i have a 1996 130 hp johnson. when i throttle up to running speed...it seems like it is not running on all cyl

It is also said that the two best days in the life of a boat owner is the day you got it and the day you sold it.

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However, money aside I love my boat and my time on the water with my family and friends.

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Get a boat and trailer that your car can pull. You will save a lot of money keeping it at home rather than at a marina. Another option is to park it at a storage yard. (away from the water) They charge about $35 per month for open storage or around $100 a month for a small garage.


the word "boat" itself is an acronym for "break out another thousand"........... dollars that is, just about everytime you look at your boat or need to fix/upgrade that's what it'll cost minimum.

hi any good name for finnsport650 boat many thanks?

Well a boat slip is not necessary if you trailer your boat which is cheaper in the long run. Not to discourage you but the definiton of a boat is a hole in the water you through money into. Boats are lots of fun but they are a labor of love. They require plenty of maintenance on a constantly just to maintain them properly. Then there are all the nice upgrades that you can buy and most likely will buy. Also you will want to be ready for you Coast Guard inspection. The inspection is free but if you fail then you can get a ticket. That can get costly. You can ask me more about that as I am a Coasty from way back.

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Many ways to go with this one. In my area slip rental including winter storage is about $50 a foot. Routine maintenance will cost you about $800 to $1000 including winterization. Unscheduled costs have an extra $500 ready just in case and insurance another $800 a year depending on your experience and the boats age. The average person uses their boat about 50 hours a year. Figure your boat burns 7 gallons an hour average at $3.25 a gallon is another $1137.50 in gas not to mention outboard oil if you have a 2 stroke. You will need safety equipment life jackets floatation ring, flares etc.) so figure anither $300 for that just in case. Hope that helps.
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