Will a keel guard stick to an area that is scuffed and has a homemade repair?

Our boat has an area that has scuffs and a hole that we repaired ourself, will a keel guard stay on this area?


I have a 1978 ski and bass boat with a mercury m800 80 hp engine. There is an ignition switch short. help?

Yes the keel guard will stick if you need it to. Just make sure you lightly sand the area to make it slightly abrasive, which allows the fiberglass resin to adhere better. Once you have the keel guard in place, find something to use as a roller and roll it back and forth across the keel guard to remove any air bubbles that may have developed in between the bottom of the boat and the keel guard. If you do this properly you won't have any more problems with that hole and the scuffs.
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