How many days would it take to sail from Newport Oregon, to Sydney Australia, at a speed around 40 mph??

Maybe someone knows. If you have ever sailed it please tell me. I really want to know how many days you think it would take, but please be serious. And be Educated. Thanks


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A couple of points:
First it's 6656 nautical miles from Portland OR to Sydney; but that doesn't take into consideration the prevailing winds that a yacht would use.....( and I didnt bother to check to see if that Great Circle course takes you thru a land mass like Japan or the Phillipines!) If I were doing that rip I would look at south from Oregon to Hawaii ( 2253 n.m.). then south across the Equator to the SE Trade winds somewhere around Tahiti (2345 nm), then west downwind to Australia.( 3356nm).....7800 odd nautical miles but a shorter time than "straight " there as its downwind.....

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Second, there is no yacht sail or power that will do 40 miles an hour..some built for purpose power racers will do that speed but only in calm water, closed course..and have nowhere near the fuel capacity to go 100 miles let alone 2250. A catamaran, with enough size and capacity to carry a crew, supplies, food water et alia is about 40 feet and might do 11 knots in ideal conditions in the open ocean.

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a trip like the one you propose is fairly routine for a well founded sailboat with a semi - experienced crew in, say, a 40 foot monohull. Having sailed about 30,000 miles in various boats to various ports over the years, I can say that it ALWAYS averages out to 120 miles a day made good, you're looking at a60 or so day trip

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Would not the speed be knots? 40knots seem fast for a boat...

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