Can someone advise of a Yahoo chat room f/straight females&males? Not sex chat/friends for starters?

Honestly - I tried to enter chat rooms but was bombarded with lesbians (no offense - but not one) and I am HONESTLY just trying ou the chat thing. Don't pics & web cams - just talk.


Privateer sailboat made by long island yachts in poole uk. any information please?

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What is the number of navigable locks in the uk?

ALLL the rooms are like that! Yahoo stinks now for chat rooms.. toooo many fake people (bots)! I found a place I'm completely addicted to.. its called cherry tap. Its ALOT of fun just takes a little getting used to because there is soooo many options! Here is the link to sign up and autoadd me as a friend... I can help you get started.. just let me know. I can also get you cherry points-they're used to buy your friends gifts and level up and such. When I first signed up I thought you must have to pay for it because it just seemed to good to be true! is another good one but requires a subscription before any good.

If a person wanted to leave the Soviet Union without permission (defect)in the mid 1960s and go by?

And that's a boat question because?
Oh well... you say most people contacted you were lesbians. I'll bet 75% or more were guys pretending to be women.
and yeah, most of the rooms have those idiots in them along with bots and spammers.

Ever lived on a houseboat?

good luck.
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