How to change the oil in a 92 OMC Cobra 3.0 L marine engine and outdrive?

I would appreciate it if You guys could help me with innstructions and specifications, what weight oil to use, what kind of gear lube to use for the outdrive, etc.

How do i bottom paint my boat??

Thanks in Advance.


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A dipstick siphon works well on boat engines simply cuz there usually is no room to work under the engine. You will not get it all but will get most. I use a gallon size Ziploc baggie to put over oil filter when I remove it to catch most drips but always put oil absorbtion pads in bilge so no mess.
Gear lube is always put it from the bottom plug in outdrive until it comes out the top plug, about 11 fluid ounces or so will do most outdrives. Do not fill from top plug as you will never
get enough in outdrive. My $.02 worth.

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yep. Oil syphon pump works great, Get yourself a manual. $8-10 on Ebay. Do it right and you'll have alot of carefree boating.

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