Just bought a "Ring 21" Powerboat, what is the maximum safe hp outboard it can take?

Furthermore what are the chances of converting it to v6 or v8 inboard?


Is there another word for boat maker?

Mid 80's restoration project without a builders plate right? Most Ring 21's are.Yeah, we had the same problem. I've seen everything from 140-275 sometimes twin engines. Deep V racing hull tends to rail-walk in calm water especially on higher hp. We settled for a 250 to play it safe,good all-rounder but hasn't hit the 80mph yet. Guess this is really a question for a Marine Architect not the likes of julianjoe who isn't really the sharpest tool in the box and should stick to licking windows at McDonald's. Hope I was of some help, have fun!

in toronto....do we need license for rubber boats?

yeh so u bought a toy...why didnt you ask who you bought it off...an if they didnt know, why did you buy it.

What amp do I use to charge my 12 volt battery? 3 or 6 amp?

There should be a "US Coast Guard Maximum Capacities" data plate on the vessel. It’s stipulates various capacities including maximum horsepower.

What should you do if your boat capsizes or swamps?

look on the plaque on the transom, weight limits and legal power regulations are on that plaque.

what radio frequency do ski boats use in south africa?

It should be on the capacity plate.
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