1991 yamaha 3 cylinder 2 stroke outboard?

only running on one cylinder when idleing. the center cylinder is running. took off top carb looked like the idle jet had a rubber grommet to shut off the idle jet. Is this normal. Engine has never been worked on.


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The yamaha should run on all thress cylinders at idle. The top plate on the carb will have rubber and metal plugs under it. Have you tried adjusting the idle mixture? If the engine has never been worked on, my guess is the carbs need to be rebuilt. Make sure you install carb kits. They are very simple carbs to rebuild. Whats the compression on the cylinders and is there spark on all three cylinders? After rebuilding the carbs make sure to syn and link your engine.

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Should run on all cylinders at idle.

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not normal it sounds like the magneto is out

mercman.. 68 evinrude..?

rebuild time, all of them,suck it up ,sorry for your luck

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Don't know which model you have but a few outboards have progressive carb linkage which could explain it. But I don't think yours is one of them.

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All should fire even at idle. If its only firing on one at idle then you have a problem with two carbs on the idle side. Remove all carb's, strip, clean and replace. Use carb and choke cleaner but be carefull it will sting your eyes, wear protective glasses.
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