What minimum size boat should I buy and what marina can I live on a boat year long?

I have been going down to the Alamitos Marina for years now (as well some others in the LA/OC area) and have always dreamed of buying a small boat just for me and to live on it full time. I have never been able to find any office or contact as to how much slips cost, what size boat would be recommended for a single living person and if it is even allowed full time. Any help would be great.


Anyone know where i can buy minature nautical stuff? like ships anchors, ships wheels, and the like.?

Many people live full time on boats in marinas. Slip rentals go by the foot, prices rise dramatically when the boat exceeds 60 feet in length. The best thing to do would be go to an "in the water" boat show. Look at alot of boats, look at different sizes. Look at the craftsmanship, look everywhere on the boat, look places they don't expect you to look, like behind drawers. Prices vary alot, in many cases you can buy a used boat in very good condition at a radically reduced price (compared to new) In the end, only you can determine what is enough boat for you to live on. Hope you find this helpful.

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I lived on a 25 foot Cabin Cruiser for one year. I can only say it is not for the faint hearted.
I would say that 25 feet is the minimum size for good housekeeping and sanitary needs. Make sure it had an on board head and cooking facilities with a refrigerator.
It was ten years ago, but the boat slip fees were about $310.00 a month (Long Beach Marina) and the utilities about fifty a month. I used a cell phone for communication and cooked on propane.
The weather was the biggest issue, and even in Southern California, the winter made it seem like I was in a prison cell.
I loved it during the summer when outdoor barbecues and lots of socializing went on.
I got my boat for $4,500.00 because it needed engine repairs. I never fixed it and just lived on it and then sold it to the next brave soul that wanted an adventure.

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Line up the slip before you buy the boat. More marinas are prohibiting live-a-boards these days.

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I lived on a 37' Avanti express cruiser for a year and loved it. I wouldn't go too much smaller. If the budget allows it I would also reccommend diesel engines.
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