What's a stern,bilge,hull,keel, when relating to ships?


What is the difference between a boat and a ship?

The stern of a ship is the back end of the ship. In the pic I provided you can see two guys standing on the stern of their ship.

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The bilge is the belly of the ship. This is where water accumulates in some ships, where they need to use a bilge pump to keep the ship from sinking.

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The hull is the body of the ship. Here's a link for examples of hulls.

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The keel is center ridge in the bottom center of the hull. The primary purpose of the keel is keep the boat from sliding sideways. Like the pipes on the skis of snowmobiles. The pipes allow the snowmobile to turn more effeciently without skidding all over the place. Just put that same idea with a ship.

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The pic here shows the keel that has been built before the hull is constructed.

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Stern - the back end
Bilge - inside of the ship's hull that's below the water line
Hull - the 'body' of the ship
Keel - the exact outside center along the length of a boat, as a pronounced 'ridge' along the bottom center.

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stern is the back of the boat bilge is the bottom or the belly of the boat keel is the outside front v of the boat hull is the outside shell of the boat itself

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