Information on boating, camping, skiing and motoring holidays?

i have to produce a factsheet on the following types of holidays with important and useful information that you would need to know if you were going on one.


do you need a fishing licence to fish off a boat?

For camping holidays

In the names of ships, what does the USS stand for?

pitch size
facilities eg swimming pool, showers, bar
proximity to beach
opening dates
nearby attractions
distance from ferry ports

Sailing (yachting) advice needed- please can you help?

don't know about the others but that is what I would want to know

what was the make of the boat called u.s.s. minnow from the popular t.v. show Gilligans Island ?

Weather is pretty much a factor in all of them (determines type of clothing needed),along with a first aid kit, lodging and food.Boating and motoring, figure in gas costs. Hopes this helps.

How do you get a captains license in florida?

you get on the computer and type in what you are looking for and print it out
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