How does a marine boiler plant work?


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I answered a question similiar to this last week. Search for the question "Can you give me an idea of how does a ship moves?". A marine boiler plant works alot like power station boiler plant. It super heats treated water with fire or nuclear fission to create dry steam. the steam is forced through a turbine, or series of turbines(high pressure and low pressure), creating work, which can be applied to propulsion or electic generation. As for the boiler itself, there are many designs, but basically it is a furnace with many tubes in which the feed water circulates to be heated. The steam is collected inthe steam drum, travels throug the dry pipe, past stop valves, through a series of heaters, dryers, and air ejecters, until it reaches the high pressure turbine, then it is heated and dried again, is forced through the low pressure turbine. The steam is then condensed into feed water, and pumped to another heater ,and then pumped back to the boiler. I am a deck officer, so it's been a while since I studied the steam cycle, but that is the very basics.
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