How do i make a spinnaker for a model boat?

i have an R/C sailboat and i would like to make a spinnaker could you tell me how or send a link or something? thanks


I have a 6hp johnson outboard motor model #6r-72d ser# J3548904.Where can I find a service manual?

Star-cut, radial head, old conventional?

Is a 4hp motor powerful enough for..?

The cord would be a bit longer than your jib luff dimension, the length of the foot is greater than twice the j dimension or fore-stay to mast at the deck. Then as you sew tapered panels together, add some shape.

Sea Sickness on a speed boat....?

Good luck.

Need to replace a Sagging floor in a 17' 1988 Bayliner, where can I get parts?

Perhaps another issue to consider is, how on earth are you going to control it.?

Does anyone know what kind of paint should i use on my lake oat, will international floor paint do the job?

A spinnaker can only be flown on downwind runs... on any other point of sailing, it will collapse all over your boat, maybe even turn it over.

Why is gas cheapper durring winter?

Heck, handling a spinnaker is a royal pain even when you've got real people on board to rush about and swear at it...
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