On a 125 hp force outboard 1987 motor can you hook up ear muffs to lower case to rinse salt water out and how

the prop got bent because the tilt must be low on fluid. after raising it and driving to the water it lowered and because the scag is so short the prop hit the ground and bent 1 fin( Girlfriends problem) is there a screw on the lowerface of the cone for draining gear lube, and a vent screw near the upper fins like on a 1978 115 merc ob inline 6 thx to the person who answered my other?


Boat Gunnel Replacement?

Yes you can. The muffs have to be placed over the intake grills on the bottom of the gearcase. Turn on the water and run the engine but do not run it at high RPM's as you have no back pressure on the engine which can overheat or run incorrectly. There are two screws on the gearcase one above each other, remvove the top one first and then the bottom one to drain the oil. Refill using gearcase oil with a pointed cap on the bottle, place it in the bottom hole and squeeze to refill until oil comes out of the top hole. Keep the bottle in place and screw in the the top screw, remove the bottle and then screw in the bottom one. Make sure your tilt unit has oil in it, cycle it up and down between filling and check after each cycle to purge any air in the system. If it still drops after filling you have a leak down problem on the tilt unit itself.

where woud u find?

You have to use a Mercury screw in flush plug on that model if my memory is correct. It screws in the black plastic screw just above the gearbox. (available from Mercury dealers), and yes they have a filler (at the bottom) and an air bleeder (at the top) for the gear oil. I presume you are talking about the models with the under prop. water pick-up. They are known as the sand grinders. Mercury just love selling you new water pump impellers.
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