Sailing questions. How many sailing miles between the east coast of the US and Australia?

Those who know of sailing..

Is your boat trailerable?

I know nothing about sailing and very little about sailing vessels.

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May I please have an estimate of sailing time for a vessel-- large enough for ten to fifteen people with small cabins and a good sized cargo area-- in days, etc. for sailing from the east coast of the US to the southern tip of Australia?

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Also from the west coast, if that is better? Actually, from the west coast would be more logical in this case, I believe.


What is the volume of a 40 feet sea freight high container ? how about 40 feet normal container ?

Whats the boats speed?
Which ports are your characters leaving from and arriving at?
Is the vessel going to sail?
Is the vessel going to move under engines power?
If the vessel is a small freighter, then simply multiply fourteen or fifteen knots by 24 hours and divide that figure into the rhumb line distance (more or less a straight line) between your chosen points. An atlas will provide the distances for you.
If the vessel is actually going to sail, then the whole picture becomes much more involved and complex. To be accurate you would need to know exactly where the vessel is leaving from and heading to and you need to know when (time of year) the passage is being made. The vessels sailing speed is very important, as is amount of stores water etc able to be carried. Certain times of year prohibit Pacific sailing, certain times of year prohibit Atlantic and Indian Ocean sailing. Some intended routes on paper (in books) are just not physically possible with the vessel being used.
The list can go on. The more specific you can be in your question, the easier my answer will be. Gve more info and I'll come back and check this post tomorrow.

What is the better cruising sailboat for the beginner? A Hunter or Catalina?

It is really varied. On average, 100 miles a day, with 7900 from San Francisco to Melbourne miles with all the calms that you meet in the Pacific, it is 79 days. but could be much longer.Add another 1000 miles with going through the Panama canal from the East Coast.

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I use to get distance.I input the longitude and latitude of Los Angeles and Sydney into the distance calculator and it came up with 7498 statue miles/ 6519 nautical miles/ 12073 kilometers.

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I average a little over 100 nautical miles per day sailing my 28 foot Columbia so it would take me about 60-65 days to make the trip.

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The size of your vessel is not as important as the possible hulls speed is.

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For an actual trip from West Coast U.S. to Australia see the link:

What are the preparations done while loading and unloading dangerous goods of tanker vessels?

Link is a route map & accomplished & realistic, comfortable itinerary aboard a 50 foot Ketch. Home page will lead you to loads of info.
Therer are many variables at play here. Need to re-supply, ocean currents, weather, politics, physical & emotional stamina, boat duability, & equippage. and more

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Well, if you don't know much about boats, or sailing in general, you better have someone on board that does know quite a bit of sailing, b/c that is prolly about a 100+ journey(east coast), or a 80-90+ day sailing adventure, and those parts of the oceans show no mearcy to vessels, regaurdless of size.this seems a lttle bit out of your league, so my suggestion would be to ahve 2-4 professionals on board to take shifts sailing, just to keep sailing time max. and down time little...GOOD LUCK...and don't undereastimate the power of the seas and mother nature
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