Tall Ships ?

what type of vessel is that??


Where to find info on sailing yachts late 19th and early 20th century paticularly owners and crews ?

Tall ships are sailing vessels. They have 2 or more masts (most commonly 3 masts) Most tall ships have no auxiliary power and are propelled strictly by sail. Hope this helps you.

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A sailing ship, as opposed to a sailboat. The most common ones are "Square riggers" but other sail plans abound.

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One type of ships that are called "Tall Ships" are Windjammers.

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Li S great question this refers to sailing vessels with 3 or more mast .. Referring to a tall ship is to be talking about a larger sailing vessel...

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Typically, any sailing ship with a mast of 100 feet or more in height, is considered a "Tall Ship" and they are usually square riggers.

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A tall ship is any sailing ship that has 3 or more masts. Most commonly these are the square riggers.

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This is generic term used to describe any large sailing ship. Usually schooner size and larger. These vessels require a large crew to handle the many or large sails on such vessels.

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it is a sailing ship meaning one that has sails , most often one that could sail around the earth .
there is not a set hieght the masks have to be but in general very high . they also have a means of climbing them and have cross members making a t shape 3/4 of the way up.
google has tons of great pics of them google image of them .

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These are frequently Naval training vessels. I was aboard one from Russia. Old form blue water crews, usually. One or two
carry tourists who can play at the safer seafarer chores such as stores keeping, yarn swaps, or man-overboard drills. I heard one is still at large keeping to schedules of commerce hauling but don't put a lot of faith in my source. These watercraft are
both from another age and possibly our tomorrow.
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