Is it better to use plywood, fiberglass, or foam covered with epoxies to build a boat for a 10HP 1947 Mercury?

I have a 10HP 1947 Mercury Lighting outboard motor and want to build a light boat that will seat four people. I will need to buy the materials but am not sure what is best to buy for light weight yet still strong. Does anyone have any sugestions?


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If you're looking for something authentic to go along with the patina of this engine, I'd suggest wood since that's what kind of boat it was probably used on when new. Also there are many good articles and plans available for building small wooden boats, and most can be built with common hand tools/woodworking equiptment.

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Fiberglass is always a good choice for building a small boat but sheetmetal is the best choice though if you are building it fiberglass is the best choice.

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It really depends on how comfortable you are working with the materials in question, and if you have the equipment, ie molds, jigs etc.. I built a small yankee pine skiff, using planks. It is 12ft loa, and I covered it with fiberglass. If I build another one I will do glass over marine plywood. As for the engine, make sure she is stoutly built at the stern. It is also wise to buy a nice set of plans.

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I think your a bit optimistic. By the time you finish this project you will have made a great mess, spent LOTS in fiberglass, resin, filler, and gelcoat. Time in making a mold..its just crazy. you can hunt for a bargin on a 7-10 foot aluminum boat for around a couple hundred dollars. even if it leaks or is dented, you obviously have ambition, get a hammer and a dolly, some 3m marine silicone and maybe some rivits and play body man. have fun.
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