1958 chevy truck near San Antonio, tx?

Im trying to look for a 1958 Chevy Truck around the San Antonio area, if you have any info please answer.

How can you get out of being a co signer of a car.?

thank you


Hi I want to buy a car GPS, most needed for south of Ireland. Which good brand suggest and worth for money?

why would you want an old car. there are plenty of used 97 camrys. much better than a 58 chevy. I mean c'mon it's 50 years old. what good is that junk?

What's the best web site to sell an automobile?

Thats a good question, no I dont. I just had to say that if you dont understand why some one would want a old car that you should ask why and not just criticize them. Besides who wants a camry, it just goes to show you dont know what your talking about and should mind your own buisness. And leave the old cars and truck questions to someone who knows something about them. Jebus Crisis you and people like you realy irk me! Its just not neccisary. Good luck in your search for a truck, try local news papers, auto classifieds. Network on the internet, ask people with old cars that you run into. I stop at peoples houses with old cars outside all the time, and generaly they are very nice and enjoy talking about cars, and are sometimes very helpfull. Not allways though.

What is the best way to new car at a low cost price?

I have a list good websites offering cheap used cars. They are all reputed delers and also arrange some auction for used cars.
You can comapire rates between them cause its a big list.
In this way you save money also.

Previously Damaged Vehicle?

Send me a mail at solidoffer11@yahoo.com with subjet- Used Cars. I will send a link of best website where you can find good offers, tips and resources.

Best wishes

Interested in a new car?

you can find them in your home town on ebay Map-It.
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