1962 T-Bird coupe ?

I have a 1962 T-Bird coupe in great shape orginal every thing with 40,000 orginal miles, I want to sell it.
How much do you think I can get for it?


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This really depends on overall condition, and if you can find a willing buyer.

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Quite a few years ago I looked into getting a 63 convertible. Back then they were running between 12-15 grand for a very good single-owner non-restored original car.

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Try looking up similarly equipped cars if possible, and see what they are selling for. Be aware that location can be a big factor, as many cars that old will go for more money back east if it has no rust.

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Try looking here to get an idea:
Click on "Search for Cars"
Then put in years 1961-1963 since these T-birds are all roughly the same body style.
Then select "Ford" under 'make' and type "Thunderbird" in the 'model' slot, then click search.

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Good luck!

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Go to the Kelly Blue Book web page and put your info in. It will tell you how much it's worth.

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allot if you take it to one of them car auctions like they do on tv, you can get more money than what it is worth
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