A 1985 Buick Reveria in good/fair condition with 50,ooo miles, what should the fair/good price be to buy this?

the only damage to veh is the front an back bumpers the plastic molding for the bumpers is cracked I suppose from age some minor dings, but that seems all its been mantained very well. I'm looking at buying it just as a transportation for to an from work..Can you help me with the sale price I should pay. Thank you


Would you prefer to buy a car from a dealer with no haggle prices?

Buick is the sound I make when I throw up. Free would still be a rip off.

How much does this car cost?

what ever your comfortable with

Cars between $10,000 and $15,000?


Hi this is meghna.i want to ask u that in future i owed a car or not??

a 22 year old car with only 50,000 miles should be looked at with caution. That is an extremely low mileage automobile and unless it has been sitting for 18 years, is suspect that the mileage is much higher than you think, or there has been some odometer tampering. Do you know the complete history of the vehicle?

Realistically, how much can you pick up a 80s 911 (UK) for?

If it is totally legitimate, I wouldn't pay more than $1500

What car do you own??

Yeah I agree a Fair price for that car is 1500 to 2000 I wouldn't pay anymore than 2000. usually people selling these types of cars are very negotiable there not very desired cars if you know what I mean so long as you don't appear as if You need the car this guy will probably sell pretty cheap

Does anyone know where I could find?

‘85 Buick Riviera is a cool car (don’t let the import weenies tell you otherwise), but a 22 year old car with only 50K could develop a few problems. Have all the rubber belts and hoses replaced and all seals checked. You will want to have the brakes completely overhauled.

Subaru Impreza?

about 1,000 dollars no more then 1200
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