Anyone have good tips on how to find a really good car for cheap?


Would you buy this car?

Yes, but can't tell you.

How do i buy something that cant be bought?

Yes !!
The Internet is the best place to get a quote- They dont ask for personal info- they just give you price so when you goto dealer you dont gt ripped off or overcharged

What is the best used full size truck to buy?

Is this a good deal on a car?

How do top salesmen close deals?

I have owned 42 cars since I was 16. The large majority of them were used cheap cars. You really need to start by just finding some small mom and pop car lots in your area. I found a guy that specifically specializes in VW's.and not the new ones. I bought an Audi 5000s, Mazda GLC and 2 Honda Preludes from him. I negotiated a bit on all of them...and one of the Honda's actually had a bad motor...bought it for 200 sold it for 500. You just need to get out there and find someone that you trust. If you go with your gut you will usually be right. Good luck.

Who do car dealers use for their trade in valuations?

If you're buying a used car get it checked out by a mechanic. There is a shop near me that does pre-purchase inspections on used cars for $85. It's well worth the time and money. I've bought some real junk and gotten burned before. I learned the hard way.
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