07 Pontiac G6 GT coupe?

looking at the sports package (3.7L 6 spd manual 240 HP) but the base with some options is roughly 24.5K and after rebates and incentives roughly 21K. My dad says its not a good buy at that price because camaros were cheaper back in the day, plus pontiac is going under, so waiting is a good thing. I'm not looking for opinions on other new cars to match up against this one, but does anyone agree that they are overpriced? And someone who has one or driven one, any advice on approaching the situation as I am interested in this car?


Financial choice, 360 or Car?

Much of the answer depends on your financial position. If you wait a couple years, that same car will depreciate to about 1/2 of todays price. On the other hand, the price of new cars is always going up and someday you'll be telling your kid about how you bought a new G6 for about 20 thousand (thats when the 2030 models are just coming out for $250,000.)

Which inexpensive new car would you recommend for my situation?

Consumer reports just tested a G6. They gave it thumbs down.

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I happen to have one, and am about to sell it. The handling is VERY bad, and the brakes are almost nonexistent. Not a good car for anyone, even for a racer.
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