Anyone got anything good to say about carcraft?

has anyone bought a car from carcraft and been happy with what they bought and pleased with the service?

How do I get a title for a car that has a lean on it?

if you havent please tell me why


What would make you want to buy a hybrid car?

Wouldn't touch them with a bargepole.

What is a good family car?

Oh no! hope you didnt!

I have a 2002 honda civic, trying to buy an exhaust tip. What size should I buy? and what size is the orginal?

Yes, they have a good wee jingle!

Do you guys think this is a good deal?

I have something good to say about Carcraft, they close at 9pm - seriously, their cars are drastically overpriced and if you have a wander around the showroom, banged to hell which they do dodgy fixes on when they sell them. I would avoid personally.

What car should i get?

I bought a car from them over 10 years ago, no problems sort out my own finance etc. The car did well kept it for over five years.

Can I purchase a car in Mexico and import it to the US for daily use?

If you really want to know some bad experiences e-mail me and I will tell you some.

Car Loan and Fiancing a Car?

If I were you I would avoid them like they had every disease known to man.

In your opinion what is better Ford Escape or Saturn Vue?

i thought u meant the magazine! for 1 dollar/ month i get CC and hot rod

Which car should I buy? Lexus Is350 or 2007 infiniti g35?

yes i have a good thing to say about carcraft

Infiniti I35 or Acura TL (previous generation)?

when i felling depressed in need of something to bring a smile and laugh to my drab life

Should We Buy a Third Car?

i just look at the over inflated prices and the and start to laugh

What should be my first car??

went to rochdale site was looking for car was hunted down by a sales rep

Black car vs white car?

i said to him this model is about £2.000 overpriced according to my book

At what time of the year there are the greatest sales on new cars?

he then said we dont use that one we use Glass’s Valuation

What are guys thought of a woman's weight directly after pregnancy?

guide so out of my other pocket i pulled out glass's valuation guide and said these say its over priced by £2.500

Car finance in karachi, Pakistan?

his face was a picture

Selling cars in the UK?

If they're anything like YES Car Credit then avoid them like the ex wife!

I'm up-side-down about $6,000 and loking at a vehicle priced at $22.900 and have $2,800. to put down.?

You will pay WAY over the odds for a heap of sh@t and then the warranty company will tell you that any problems you encounter aren't covered and you'll have to stump up yourself.

Convertible or Sedan?

YES We Will Shaft You Car Credit

What does CE and LE stand for on car labels?


Can I sell my car?


Can a car contract be broken if they can't get you financed with a co. that will report to the credit bureaus?

if you go there for a car, know what you want before you get there, have your wits about you at all times and dont be suckered by the fabulous deals they can offer.
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