Which is a better buy and better performance the 2007 shelby cobra or the saleen s281 3v?

I am really interested in buying but not sure where to find actual comparison, these are both fine looking cars.


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the cobra is way cooler

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If taken care and kept all original of the Shelby will increase in value far better than the Saleen. The hard part is finding one and afforing to pay for it.

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I'd tip favor to the Shelby.500HP.32v 5.4L, vs 465HP 24v 4.6L in the S281..and I think the Shelby would be easier to make even faster and more powerful.

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One thing to take into consideration, the S281 does come with 3.73's in the rear, where the Shelby only sports 3.31's, but that's easy to fix ;)

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Personally, I would go with the Shelby GT500. When you get yours, be sure and register it with SAAC and join them. Make one of their annual meetings and get Carroll Shelby to sign either the dash or the glove box or even the sun visor. Also get your picture of him signing it for proof that he did actually sign. I believe he gets a 1000 donation to his children's heart fund for him to do this. Carroll won't be around forever and the car will only go up in value with his signature.
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