Anyone know where I can find a dirt cheap car rental company that will allow me to rent a car at age 18 in NJ?

Im trying to rent a car for maybe 2 days in newark nj & most of them dont rent cars to 18 year olds.


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ALAMO let me rent a convertible @ 20 in FL though they may hit you with an under 25? fee.

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Find a independent rental car company like RENT-A- WRECK.
You might have to pay a surcharge since you are under 21.

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Well I don't know where you are in Nj but across the border in Ny its against the law to refuse to rent a car to you at 18. they car surcharge you then can restrict what you rent. In Ny and if you have the same last name as your parents and have the same address on your license your automatically covered to drive a rental car. go to and look for a location near you.
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