2007 Toyota Camry Question?

Okay I am about to buy an 07 camry from a small dealer. it only has 5,000 miles on it. before I took it for a test drive it did not start up as well as I believe that it should have. the dealer said it was the battery since it has been sitting on the lot. Is this true or should I walk away from the deal. It is still under bumper to bumper warrenty. and it ran very smooth!!


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What did the car do to raise your suspician. Do a carfax at least. Something sounds fishy about it. I have friends who work in dealerships who see this kind of thing. The dealer will still recieve a particular car that was damaged in shipment, repair it and sell it as new. Thats the bad thing about a carfax report. These things go unreported. For instance, a car came into the dealer and when offloading it, the upper ramp made contact with the roof of another car on the trailer, the damaged car was hastily taken into the body shop because the car was ordered for a specific customer. They "repaired" the roof damage and A-pillar damage and sold the car to the unsuspecting customer.

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You should bring in a technician of your own to inspect the car. Or if you have a friend that knows more about cars then you do, bring them with you. If there is nothing wrong with the car, then the dealer shouldn't have any problem letting someone else inspect it.

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think about it, why are you buying a used camry from 07. You might as well get a new one. Plus why would someone return a car with only 5,000 miles on it unless there was a problem with it. not to mention its from a small dealer. anyway just make sure it has like a 110 point inspection or something. I personally would just get a brand new one and pay extra for it just to be safe.

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Yes. It often happens. A dealer with several employees will make sure to start the cars up each day for a few minutes.

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I work in the Parts department of a Toyota dealer.

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For $17,500, you can buy a BRAND NEW Camry LE with under 20 miles.. so unless you're paying less than $15k, go with the new car.

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i baught my new camry ce for 18000 in nyc area.
get the brand new camry ce cuz the diffrence is le has keyless entry system which is useless anyway and cost about 600-700 more.
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