Anybody out there have an old rust bucket car that's reliable and very cheap?

I'd like to see if I can get something for under $300. Possibly owned by a mechanic so that it still runs good.

Wich is the good car in India?

Maybe a car that's 20 or 25 years old? Any kind of junk car that's actually more reliable than it looks for a dirt cheap price?

Which car is the best out of the wrx sti, evo 9 mr, or themazda speed6?

Let me know,


How long do you have after you sign a contract on a car loan to break it?

Take a look here

Is it possible to trade out of a car worth about 9k but owing 13k?

or plug-in your zip code when you get there and do a search based by price. It's the best thing you can do.

Buick Century questions?

Look for a Crown Victoria or Grand Marquis 1992 or newer. The rear wheel drive will be cheaper and easier to maintain. The 4.6L modular V8 will give you 23 MPG on the highway with good power.

Can a car dealer reissue new paper tags if a title can not be located?

Here's a link on ebay Map-it where you can find them in your home town

Is it best to lease a car or buy ex-demo?

get a volkswagen beetle. very cheap parts, easy to do it yourself on most things. also get a book about keeping your volkswagen alive. 25 dollar book has saved me over 300 bucks in under 4 months!
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