A SHIPR WRECK. Please, describe a ship wreck in a simple and?

clear way, that is, the steps and what happens when I ship sinks. It is a written work (project) and since I am not a native, I do need help. Thank you. I appreciate your help.


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Wreck means there was a collision of some kind. The boat has hit a rock, reef (most usually) or another ship. The hull was penetrated (or broken through, or cracked, or breeched) so that water comes in and fills the ship. Being full of water the ship sinks. On the way down, because water fills up the holds inside unevenly. the ship lists or tilts, so it does not sink evenly.

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The wreck could also have been caused by a strong storm, such that the ship collided with an enormous wave, or a series of waves and the ship's bouncing off them wear down the structural strength of the ship and it finally breaks apart.
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