How to verify if a dodge truck is actually an SS/T and not a fake?

I want to buy an SS/T but i am concerned if it truly is one and not just a truck with those emblems on it.


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check the VIN number in the window I would look up what letter in the VIN designates the ss/t model this can be done at just look up several SS/t's for sale write down the VIN number of each and see which numbers or letters are in the same place that will tell you which number or letters in the VIN designate a SS/T and then you have a poistive way of telling the difference between a fake, a replica and the real thing.

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Take the Vehicle identification number to a Dodge dealer. Preferably the parts department. (less hassle) Have them run the "vin" in their parts catolog and then they can see what the truck is. But you can take it to the service dept. and have them get a printout for you to see open recalls, previous service history, and vehicle information.

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the first answer is a good idea but from what I found. it seems pretty easy to tell. what other truck has racing stripes? here is a description i got:

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"This awesome version of the Dodge Ram truck features dual racing stripes, performance engine tuning, and 17-inch wheels. The 17-inch wheels are custom aluminum models similar to those found of the Indy 500 Special Edition, and they wear P275/60R17 performance tires. The sport-tuned exhaust adds a touch of style with a chrome tip, while the 5.9L V8 engine boasts an additional 10 horsepower for a 245 hp rating. The Ram SS/T includes all the standard features found on the Ram SLT, but adds a color-keyed paint scheme with watching bumper, grille, lower fascia and rear valance panel. The dash gains a tachometer, while fog lights were added to the front bumper. The trucks are avilable in four color choices: black with silver stripes, emerald green with silver stripes, flame red with silver stripes, and bright white with blue stripes."

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Just run the VIN# for free at

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Here's a link on ebay Map-it where you can find them in your home town
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