Another VIN check please people!?

1B3ES46C1YD695135 just the mileage and accident please!


Toyota Carolla vs. Honda Civic?

There are several sources for car history

Im car shopping and want to know how reliable the mada6(2003-2006) is.?

- State DMVs. Very slow to respond. They only have details on registrations and brands - when a car has major damage a brand is added. Also, they will only have data for one state - if the car has moved they can't help you. Fees vary by state.

Is there anything positive about getting a newer car?

- The best source is Carfax. They collect data from over 20000 sources - and still they don't have everything. However, it's the most comprehensive source.

Anybody out there have an old rust bucket car that's reliable and very cheap?

For free - since it costs the DMVs and Carfax - nobody provides it for free.

I want to open up a Custom car garage. what steps should i do as a senior?

When dealers buy Carfax reports they pay a price that allows them to redistribute the report - so ask the dealer. You'll find thousands for free on Cars and AutoTrader and most dealers will provide a Carfax report on any car on their lot.

How do used cars dealers buy n sell second hand cars to make a profit?

The consumer unlimited account specifically states reports can not be distributed/shared as you requested.

I'm buying a 2005 Chevy Cavalier for $9,900. I want to pay in cash - how much can I haggle him down?

Go to for details.
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