After moving to a new state, can I buy a car without having a job?

Sounds like a weird question, but I plan to move to California in the next few months (June) and I want to get a car after I move there. Obviously, I'll need a car in order to better hunt for a job, and I plan to make a good size down payment at the time. Will dealerships give me a hard time if I don't have a job at the time I go in to make the purchase?


Need a loan?

thats going to boil down to your credit. if you have excellent credit generally you can still arrange something.

What is an economical car to buy?

if you have less than perfect credit or bad credit, forget it. the banks will try and verify your job, which will obviously will stop you.

Do you need GAP insurance when buying a used truck from a dealer?

Use that "good size down payment" and pay cash until you get on your feet, then trade it in and finance a new car. To get a loan whether you have perfect credit or not you have to have a way to pay for it. No income, no loan.
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