A question of being practical or indulgent. my dream car is a black saab convertable?

we were going to trade in and sell 3 cars to get a nice new one for me...i have 4 kids aged 2 11 14 and 17. we don't need a huge car anymore because the older 2 kids do there own thing. we found a 1999 black saab convertable for $22,000.00 australian dollars. we could get a nice brand new car for tht price but i lurrrrve this saab...anyone who has a saab, knows about saabs or would like to offer an opinion...lemmie know...should i go for it...or just get an everyday brand new car for the same money.ta muchly.


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Baby, I think you should buy whatever you damn well want to, BUT -- I question your choice of automobiles. Saabs are odd at best, downright pains in the butt at worst. Their realibility is questionable, maintenance is expensive and like all european cars replacement parts are looney-toons expensive. I would advise that you attempt to look at this deal without the emotional aspect attached.

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its alright to have a dream car,if you think it will suit your needs for now then id say get it,if that's really what you want to do,i own a repair shop,and i have drove a lot of Saab's,they are very nice cars,the one your looking at is a little high on price though,i don't think its worth that much,unless its in mint condition,and i mean absolutely perfect,so its something to think about,we all have our dream cars,but once you get them,they don't seem all that nice once the new part of it wears off,but if your ok with the idea,and everyone else is,then go for it,you never know once you get it,you may decide it wasn't worth it, i have seen this happen a few times before,good luck,i hope this help,s.

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Saabs do not enjoy the reputation for reliability that Lexus, Infinity, or Acura have, but if you HAVE to have it, go on.

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It depends on what is more important to you, reliability or "cool" I suppose.

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I used to love the styling of the Saab 900 Turbo. It was a sassy looking car and I wanted one like you wouldn't believe.

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That all changed one Sunday while I was working as a service advisor at a major company.

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A young couple (on vacation, no less) came in with a coolant leak. Mechanic took a look at it and said "It's the water pump and I can't do it today"

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For some unfathomable reason, Saab had decided to be different from the rest of the world of automakers and put the water pump (which usually lasts about 5 years or so) at the BACK of the engine instead of the front where it's easily accessible!!! There is no way to remove that water pump without pulling the engine. I felt so bad leaving this couple stranded like that but there was nothing we could do for them.

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I don't know if Saab has since changed that design or not, but after that eventful day I was turned off Saabs forever.

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Whenever I buy a car I always look under the hood to see how easily the most inclined parts to fail are to access.

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Good luck. I hope I didn't burst your bubble

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I'm about as pratical and as-a-matter-of-fact as they come. So let me throw a guilt trip your way and see if you fall, so to speak.

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First, let talk about how you're planning on spending you money. You'd pay $22K for an 8 year old vehicle just to have the wind blowing in your hair when you could buy a 1 or 2 year old vehicle for the same price? And you're trading 3 cars to do it? Doesn't make a bit of sense to me. Does it really to you? I didn't think so.

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Second, let talk a worst-case-God-forbid type senario, you are driving along in your old Saab Convertable, you have an unavoidable accident. Your 2 yr old is crushed in the car seat after you car flips during the accident. Not pretty, but you and your older children might be able to duck and be ok. You 2 yr old won't have that luxury. But your hair will be able to blow in the wind in the meantime.

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Third, patience is a virtue. And waiting until you can safely afford to have a vehicle you want will build some character of sorts. Unless this car is going to be an investment and restored to be sold later, wait. You're going to find, just like most folks who get to live out their fantasies, the fantasy is about 20 times better than the reality. And the let down is about 20 times worse.

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If you didn't have a 2 yr old, I would have just said what I always say...buy what you want, but most of all, buy what you can afford. But considering the safety of your children above all else, get something that will keep them safe for now, and buy what you really want later.
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