Any Internet site to compare rebates, dealer discounts, etc. when buying a new car?


Negotiating for a new car: what are best ways to determine dealer's true cost and tactics to negotiate price?

I can recommend 2 sites.

Where is the best place to buy a pregary test? offers great information to help you price your car, with MSRP, dealer invoice cost, and what the average person is paying for that car with those options. They also tell you what rebates are out there, and if there are any factory to dealer incentives that may help you bargain for a lower price.

Should dealer give me VIN # of car I will end up getting when he doesn't have my desired color car on lot? takes a different approach. You tell it what kind of car you want with various options, and it spits out a very good price. If you like it, they will find a dealer near you to provide that car at that price.

Who do i file a complaint about a car i bought payed half cash and no car still?

Are there any car navigation systems available in India with India maps for Bangalore, New Delhi, etc.?

I don't know which state your in, but I offer a service to the public that allows you to buy ANY new car to fleet pricing to the public. What that means for you is buying your vehicle at dealer invoice or less plus you can take advantage all factory rebates and you never pay a broker fee!
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