2007 VW GTI, 2007 Mazdaspeed3 or 2007 Civic SI?

I want a smaller zippy fun to drive car that I can keep for the next 5 -6 years, what do ya'll thionk and why? I would also like to have input from current owners of these models, Thanx a bunch


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I personnaly like the VW GTI much more. Looks for sporty, import-ish, more unique, speedy, lots of upgrades. The Mazdaspeed3 is cool too, though. I wouldnt reccomend the Civic SI. I've never understood why someone would buy a Honda for a "sporty" kind of car. Hondas are quality vehicles, but boring...older person vehicles lol

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I Would Get the Mazda Speed3 They have plenty of zip for getting around and there reliable

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I've been totally won over by Mazda recently-- "Zoom Zoom" is an accurate tag line for them. Plus the Mazda is probably cheaper-- I know the base mazda three is definitely cheaper.

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Drive all 3, if you havne't already. I was having trouble deciding between a Mazda CX7 and a Ford Edge-- and then I drove both and the edge was laughable at best, compared to the CX7-- which was still $2K cheaper than the ford.

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ive heard good thing on all but the mazda runs circles around both.and the thing is turbocharged
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