Any tips for selling a vehicle back to a car dealership?


What is a good price for a good price for a down payment for a Chevy Cobalt?

That is unless you have to. I would definatly try selling it can find forms and stuff online if you want to sell it.
I once sold a Chevy Astro and the dealer said he would give me $500 tops...I sold it for $2400.

Which would you buy and why? 2000 Maxima SE or 2000 Honda Accord LX?

Do you mean as a trade in? Just going to a used car dealer to sell your car, isn't going to give you near the value of the car. You are far better off selling privately.

Hi everyone ,i am looking for used double stroller for a reasonable price or Free.?

Good luck! Only car dealers think they don't rip you off! Everyone else knows MOST are thieves.
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