Are there any convertible cars with three seats in the back??


Is it woth trading in 2 cars for 1?

The only convertible cars large enough are the really big cars. For 3 adult seats you have to look at the super cars like Bentley's or those convertible mark built in the USA. Nearly all European convertibles are 4 seaters.

Car Salespeople! What is your secret?

Mini Cooper.

Help how much does a car cost?


Should i buy honda civic-96 with 100,000 miles on it?


What are ivc coupons.?

Most family cars that have a convertable version have three seats in the back

Will 3000-4000 dollars get me a?


I need to buy a car range to buy one is 1000 to 1500..anyone got one..let me know?


Do you know any offer going on now that gives you gift card when you test drive?

BMW convertable
Audi A4 cabriolet
Mercedes Convertable
Saab Convertable
VW passat Covertable

Can I Get a New Car?

The List goes On...

Saturn, Ford, Toyota?

Nearly all saloon cars have a coupe convertable as an alternative

Hey im about to finance a car, which one is better between Dodge srt 4 with 14000 miles or WRX wit 32000 miles

The camaro has 2 seats in front and 3 in the back. GOOD LUCK.
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