2006 Honda Element .. you like?


What car make/models should i look at? Looking for a used 5-speed, airbags, fun to drive..?

I'm thinking about purchasing a new 2006 Honda Element and is wondering how owners feel about this vehicle.

Car Sales?

Good Buy? Stay Away?
Qualities? Weaknesses?
Also .. which model would you recommend?

How much money does a car salesperson make by selling a 24 thousand dollar auto?,curious!?

Anything & Everything would be much useful & appreciated!

What is a good small SUV that will do well in the snow and has leather for under $12,000?

Thanks :)


I need some advice, could someone help me?

I dont know whats good and bad about it, but I just dont like it. It looks like a big box on wheels. It just doesnt appeal to me. I also dont like that Scion that also looks like a box on wheels (i think its the xB?)

Small economical car for a single mom and daughter?

Sorry, i dont have any recommendations. I'm not a huge fan of compact SUVs.

Which SUV Should I Buy And Why?

First of all I need to know are you looking at SUV's or Honda's of Everything in General. For SUV's I recommend the Toyota FJ because it got good performance on and off road unlike a jeep. For a small car a Honda Civic are real re labile nice cars. The element has all kinds of issues as far as I know check consumer reports before you buy it. the other problem being to me it looks like a brick with wheels and an engine

Can I back out of a car loan after 31 days?

I have an 'o4 and am pleased with it but i'm also 6'8". So I love all the head room thats packed in with the 4cylinder. I have the 5 speed standard and really like it. I drove the automatic though and probbly would not have bought one with it . The automatic version seemed to have less power for some reason. My kids spilt a drink on hte bottom door ledge and it acted like an adhesive when it dried, pulling the weatherstripping off hte bottom of the door and since then it will not stay. There is something of a lawsuit going on about the windshield's tendency to crack, mine is but a rock hit it. I hope this helps.

Good first car choice?

I like Hondas but not a fan of this shoebox on wheels.

2000 VR6 jetta?

I'd rather get Scion xB.

I'm selling my car for $2,750, how much should I ask for a deposit?

It's a good vehicle hasn't had any problems, very roomy and versatile. you can look at the CR-V, a little more refined but can't load it like the Element.

Can you sell a car on just Yahoo without using the Auto Trader?

Here's a link on ebay Map-it. that you can find cars in your home town.

VIN check for free. I am shopping for a car and was wondering if anyone would be able to run this VIN?

Elements are ugly.

Is it possible to cancel an extended wattanty on a used car?

its a person thing if you think it looks nice. I dont really like it. Its worth test driving a ford escape. I have one and its the BEST. Reliable, Safe, Comfy, Smooth, and good feel
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