A good used car or truck for a girl?

HI I'm 18 senior in Highschool going to be attending the university of alaska for school and wanted to buy a used car or truck Do you recommene any for first - time drivers and for tough winters I'm about 5'9 I think I can get a loan for a about $3,000


Would it be wise for me to do a test drive on a vehicle before buying it?

Subarus are good alaskan cars. I drive a durango, and it does great, but eats gas. just make sure that you get one with at least front wheel drive.

Is 2000 dollars alot of money for taxes title and tag fees when buying a car plus a 200 dollar freight charge?

Try a Jeep Cherokee- it rides a little rough, but if you get a 1991 or newer, it will be incredibly reliable.

Vehical Repossession?

I do not recommand you to drive a huge car if you are first driver. I am not criticize you driving skill or anything. Because of the lack of experience, Big cars and trucks have a lot of blind spot that you wont be aware of. And there are lotta ppl out there just likes to drive next to a truck's blind spot. Not everyone is careful as you are. If you are not aware of ur car's size, u gonna slam into them. mostly happen in traffic. sometimes road get narrow, u will break their side mirror or make a little scratch. I "saw" it happens all the time. And fixing those scratches are not cheap... might cost you up to thousand of insurance claim. As a 18 yrs old, u dont want to raise ur insurance to a unbearable price.

What is the best kind of car to buy make and model what cars should I stay away from?

I would say a ford F-150. If not try carfax.com or autotrader.com.
they can show you some good ones.

Selling cars?

You should buy the one that you like, look around, drive a few and the decision will be easy, good luck
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