In California, what is the proper way to buy a used car if the title document is held by the lender?

The process should protect both the buyer and seller. The seller advises that the lender can give the buy a duplicate title document when buyer pays with a cashier order. I wonder if this is the proper way.


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the lender can set it up, but you need the title or a lost title certificate signed by both owner and lien owner

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You have to wire transfer money to the lender or send them a cashier's check before they will release the title to you, that's true---often they can FEDEX the title to you overnight. You should be able to call in the VIN # to your insurance company at the time of purchase, take the car home and park it until you get the title next day---then register it

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The lender will want certified money order, or cash to pay off the loan, they will not release it until they see the cash. You are better off, walking into the bank with the seller/buyer, and taking care of business, in person. The bank can notorize and take care of everything right there. Once you get the title, go to DMV, and complete the transfer.
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