Anything good or bad to say about the Pontiac Soltice?


HELP ME. What is the different between "2000 KIA Carnival KV II Classic" and "2000 KIA Carnival KV II LS".

I think they look cool.

No subaru? Listing removed?

they have a conversion out to swap in the LS-7 corvette motor. 5-10 years down the line this swap will be common. Right now it cost 24,000 plus the price of the car. But this has to be a good platform. Usally GM cars like this don't hold up but this car is going to retains its value really well. Shoot for one that has big brakes as I see it these will be the most valuable.

My car broke down and I need a ride to work.?

The base version is a bit underpowered for my taste, especially in the automatic. However, if you are buying this as a second car, lazy sunday drives, that may not be a problem. The GXP, which is supercharged, is much more capable. as for other comments, i dont think a $24000 aftermarket conversion, will ever be "common". You are taking a car and doubling it's MSRP. Not something people tend to do.

Hi, can someone PLEASE send me a carfax or autocheck report for vin# WVWRH63B42P175975 and wvwrh63b41p089483?

I think they are really great cars, but then I sell them!

Can anyone tell me if it is easier to buy a moped online or in stores?

A little small, no real room for luggage, at least not without getting inventive! Powertrain is a little buzzy.

Do any know were i can find a transmission for a 95 ford windstar van?

But that is why you buy a 2 seat sports car, right?
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